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With the enormous increase in the volumes of online trading and the millions of people getting associated with this user-friendly platform, online trading has become the most preferred mode of stock trading in India. Fortunately, help is at hand through the online investing platforms that are available to investors. The technology enables you to completely plan your investing needs with the comfort of your preferred destination and time you like, all at the click of the mouse. Right from a taxi driver to a bank employee everyone has now become the decision maker in this multi-billion stock market of India through a medium known as “Online Trading”. Yes, “Online Trading Account India” is your one stop shop of equity shares, mutual funds and IPOs under a single umbrella.

The Internet is one medium that can save a stock investor valuable energy and time. It has become the most convenient method of stock trading which gives the trader the freedom and flexibility of working from anywhere in the world. With this option of working anytime from anywhere, is no wonder that thousands of online transactions happen daily with stock markets in NSE and BSE. Internet stock brokers have observed that online traders are more often satisfied by trading over the Internet. Internet trading is quite simple and secure since the trader is provided with a password and user name to access the account details from the broker’s website. A further password is given to perform the actual trading transactions.

There are three basic types of online trading account India involved with stock trading. Knowing the capabilities and limitations of each of these accounts is important.

Cash Account

The cash account is the simplest of all to open. In this type of online trading account India, the broker will require enough funds in the account before making any transactions. Before trading, funds in these accounts are usually deposited in an interest-gaining account until trading time. When an order is made to buy stock, the broker transfers funds from the cash account to the investor’s preferred brokerage account.

Margin Account

In “Margin Trading Account" you can borrow money from your online brokerage firm to use on your behalf to place trades for buying stocks. Just like a loan from a bank or a credit card, you will be paying interest on the amount which you borrow on margin till the time you are using this money. One good thing about margin trading account is that the amount of interest you have to pay is small compared to the amount of profits you can make with a profitable trading system.

Simulated or Virtual Trading Account

A Simulated Trading Account is an online trading account you can open to buy and sell stocks without using real money. It is sometimes called a "Virtual Trading Account". With this account the broker has the right to use funds in the account without notifying the investor. There are some circumstances which necessitate such an account to be opened but strict caution should be observed when opening this kind of trading account.


Online Trading Account India offers a hassle free investing option and the integrated financial solution provide unique benefits. These accounts are especially good for people who invest in stock market for long term basis or people who do not mind paying a little more brokerage for the hassle free service.

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