A Look At Rick M Pedrosa's Impressive Professional Journey

Rick M Pedrosa is a veteran real estate professional who has worked with a multitude of global and domestic real estate firms. He holds degrees in Civil Engineering as well as Business Administration, and possesses more than 25 years of expertise in developing and managing commercial and residential estate projects. He is counted amongst one of the respectable marketing, operations, and general management experts. His areas of specialization, include business development, strategic planning, leasing, property management, contract negotiation, and loan servicing. He has comprehensive knowledge about underwriting, site acquisition, market analysis, relationship building, construction administration, and relationship building. Other areas, include operations management, real estate financing, business planning, and a lot more.

Rick M Pedrosa started his professional journey in 1988 with DTK Computer Inc. of Florida. He was appointed as the Sales Representative, and after some time, he received promotion to management positions based on his excellent sales performance. He achieved monthly sales of $12 million, and was involved in the Latin American market, growing annual division revenues from $60 to $150 million within 3 years. He attained 50% market share, and maintained a profit margin of 10-15%. As the Director of Sales and Operations, he successfully directed setup for more than 20 satellite offices across the United States as well as the assembly plants in Mexico and Florida. He served the company for 7 years, and then started working with Aames Home Loan in 1995. He was employed as the Executive Account Manager, and responsible for a plethora of crucial tasks.

Mr. Pedrosa managed personal monthly sales production of more than $1.5 million, and supervised as well as trained employees and loan officers. He amplified the branch production, and expanded branch product lines. He worked with Aames Home Loan for 2 years, and in 1997, he founded Equitable Funding Group in Lauderhill. For 2 years, Rick M Pedrosa managed mortgage brokerage, and established new retail business while upholding high volumes of personal production. He solicited business from eligible potential clients, brokers, and allocated them to suitable lenders. He credited programs as per specific histories and requirements.

Mr. Pedrosa owned The Home Mortgage Specialist and as the President of the company, he managed lucrative mortgage brokerage operations with annual loan originations eclipsing $220 million. Presently, Rick M Pedrosa is serving as the Branch Manager for High Tech Lending in Coral Springs, Florida.