A Shaman Tries To Molest Savirti

Savdhaan India - India Fights Back

‘Savdhaan India - India Fights Back’, featured on Life OK is a brilliant depiction of real life incidents in India. The show’s main premise is to educate or advise the general public on how one should react in case a similar event occurs in their life.

For example, the episode “A shaman tries to molest Savirti”, telecast on 16/07/2014, describes a real-life incident that took place in Kolaphur, back in 2010 (names of the characters have been changed to protect identities). The show starts with a shaman performing a ritual on a woman who seems to be possessed. He forces her into a room, after which the show cuts to a two-month-old flashback that serves to explain how the characters find themselves in the present predicament.

In this flashback, a newly wed couple from Kolhapur, Savirti and Dinesh, are in Mumbai for their honeymoon, when Savirti (played by the famous Sara Khan) notices some young girls drinks and feels a sudden urge to do the same. The same night, the couple are having some wine, during which Savirti suddenly slaps her husband. When confronted the next day by her husband, Savirti denies remembering any of last night’s incident, and Dinesh dismisses the subject assuming his wife was drunk. Meanwhile back home at the couple’s home in Kolhapur, Savirti’s mother-in-law gets into a heated argument with the house maid, which ultimately leads to the maid quitting.

After the couple return home, the Mother-in-law, instead of hiring a maid, forces Savirti to do all the daily household chores, from cooking the daily meals and washing the dishes to scrubbing the floors and washing the clothes. Dinesh’s sister also becomes a part of this and starts burdening Savirti with even more work.

One night, Dinesh and Savirti open up a bottle of wine in order to relive their honeymoon time, when Savirti loses control over her sense, just as she did during the honeymoon. In her possessed state, she threatens to kill everyone while cursing them. Surprisingly once again the next day she denies remembering the situation. In the following days that pass, several other incidences occur, which leads Dinesh and his family to believe that Savirti is possessed by a spirit. In their desperation, the mother-in-law suggests that they ask a Shaman for help, who she believes can cure Savirti of her condition.

Flash forward to present day, where the scene shows the shaman as he attempts to exorcise Savirti. However, after claiming to successfully cure her, he then takes her into a room and attempts to molest her. Fortunately, Dinesh is suspicious of the shaman’s intentions and intervenes in time to save her.

Finally sense prevails, and Dinesh takes his wife to a doctor by which we come to know that Savirti was all this time suffering from schizophrenia. As she is being treated for this disorder, Savirti recalls how her uncle sexually abused her as a child, following which he is rightfully arrested and jailed.

Check some of the image stills from the Episode and full episode below :