A Song of Ice and Fire:
A Clash of Kings

by George R.R. Martin
Presentation by Troy Cole


Beginning Summary: A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin is about a civil war between the North and South of Westeros that has recently ignited after the Execution of Eddard Stark lord of the North and Hand of the King, and also with another character called Jon Snow and Mance Raider and it is about the northern part of Westeros beyond and in front of the wall with how the wildlings are planning to make a strike against the wall to escape the White Walkers that  will arrive with winter. One of the last main characters named Arya stark is stuck in a prison camp awaiting a chance to flee. The second last character is Daenerys Targaryen who has gotten to Qarth and plans to get enough money for ships to take what used to be her father's kingdom. Lastly Brann Stark is the last remaining stark to be at Winterfell and with that Knowledge Theon Greyjoy Takes advantage of them and invites the Boltons over to the castle after an attack. Then the Boltons take the castle after raping and pillaging.

End Summary: In the end of the book The King Geoffrey Baratheon ordered one of his guards to murder his uncle Tyrion Lannister but he failed because of Tyrions squire Podrick. Then Daenerys Targaryen's dragon's were stolen for their magical power but escaped after Daenerys ordered her dragons to burn the place down. And Mance Raider is directly to the north of the wall with his army of 30,000 different beings of 100's of different clans all while Jon snow is stuck in the middle of his morals and vows. And Arya escapes with the help of her friend Jaqen.  Theon Greyjoy was instructed by the Boltons to kill the Stark Boys but he couldn't find them so he Murder two innocent boys and burnt the bodies, then Theon was taken prisoner

Theme: Think things over before you act them out.

Setting: This takes place over all of Westeros, North of the Wall and in Qarth.

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