A Wide Range Of Unique House Plans And Architectural Styles

A home is the only place on the planet where we feel contented, relaxed, fresh, glad, and at ease. American houses borrow styles from almost every corner of the globe. A few architectural themes like Ranch and Cape Code styles were born in the United States, and the foreign land inspired other styles, for instance, Victorian, Mediterranean, and European. Therefore, we can say that America is a fusion of a selection of architectural styles. Whether you are better suited to a bungalow, Craftsman or a ranch single story, impressive home floor plans are available in a multitude of styles.
Let us have a look at some of the popular home styles to assist you find the perfect one for your family:

  • Colonial:

In America, the Colonial period started in the 1600s and ended around 1800s. An array of home themes fall within that period. For instance, one can find homes described as Spanish Colonial, Dutch Colonial, French Colonial, or German Colonial. Country specific modifications add color to the general colonial style home, and Dutch homes were commonly constructed with stone and brick, as the US Dutch Colonials generally feature these materials, as well. On the other hand, Colonial Spanish home floor plans might exhibit interior courtyards. Regardless of these country specific distinctions, every Colonial home shares some basic traits, including chimneys on both the ends of the home, an overall rectangular shape, gambrel or barn roofs, and large square rooms.

  • European:

Anything from the European continent would fall under this category of home plans, including French Country, Spanish, Italianate, and Georgian homes. Usually, European styles feature bricks, stone, or stucco exteriors, and a plethora of traits can be blended in a single plan. For example, Italian windows can integrate vaulted arches from Norman France. On the contrary, Spanish house plans often feature terracotta decoration and low pitched clay tile roofs.

  • Victorian:

Britain and America were enamored with the Victorian style from 1825 to 1900. The most spectacular feature of these plans is their ornamentation, including bright exteriors paint patterns, gable and corbels trim. They often feature 2 story turrets, sweeping verandas, and decorative railing, etc.

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