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Choosing my project (Entry #1)

I chose the Rube Goldberg project. I chose this because when we did this in class I really liked it and enjoyed it.I can see myself doing this as a job because like I said I really enjoyed it and I would really like doing it as a job. #kimptonstem7

Introduction Research (Planning) (Entry #2)

This is what I did to learn and plan my project I watched videos on it and we are drawing before we start to build to plan everything out.

Further Research (Entry #3)

Today my group planned how our project is gonna work.  I watched videos to watch bigger projects than what I am gonna build.

What we did in STEM(Entry #4)

Today in STEM I watched more videos about the Rube Goldberg Project to understand my groups project more. I found out that we can not use the domino effect on our project.

Planning more(Entry #5)

Today in STEM my group planned more out and are almost finished. Now we just need to make a list to see what we need.

What we are figuring out (Entry #6)

We are figuring out how to improve our first stage. We are figuring out how to improve the steps that do not work.

What I am finding out about the project (Entry #7)

What I am finding out about the project is that it is harder than what I thought. I thought it would be at least a little bit easier because all you had to do was build a machine and hope it worked.

Some parts of the project are a little hard to set up such as when we try to get the book to push the bouncy ball it doesn't always work so we just keep on trying it until it does work, it takes time but eventually it does work.

Absent Entry #8

Today I was absent but I still thought about how we could improve the project. Such as improving stages.

Adding on to it Entry #9

Today we built more of the project. Such as adding another stage and fixing what doesnt work.

To try to improve it Entry #10

Today we planned it all out and improved more of the project. Like entry #9 we fixed what wasn't working an improved what wasn't working as well.

To Improve Part 2

We tried to improve our project and we did. So now we need to make everything work

What we hope to do Entry #12

Today in STEM my group hopes to try to know what we are doing. So then we just need to build it and make everything work.

What does our project do Entry #13

Today we achieved our goal and planned it all out but now we just need to make it work many times in a row. So this is what our project is gonna do there is a cup going down a zip line with marbles and a golf ball then its going to hit a book there is a bouncy ball in between the book and a pipe the book will hit the bouncy ball make it go down the pipe the ball will hit a piece of cardboard which will knock the cardboard down which will hit a golf ball which will hit a roll of tape and will make it fall off the table and it has string tied on it and the string is tied to a jacket so when the roll of tape falls it will unzip the jacket.

Whats our next step Entry #14

Our next step is trying to make everything a lot of times and not mess up. We are almost there but we need to fix a few a things.

How to make it better Entry #15

Today we are just going to keep testing our project and trying to make it work. We also are going to try to improve the project

How to make the project work #16

We hope to make the project start to work either today or tomorrow. So to try to make it work we brought a baseball in to see if it will work better than a golf ball. We have not tried it yet but we will probably say if it does tomorrow.

How to make the project work part 2 #17

The project did not work that much with the baseball. So we tried to find something heavier then the piece of cardboard to knock the ball down.

Reflections #18

What I learned about this year in STEM is:

How to code

What a Rube Goldberg machine is

How to use Sketch up

and a lot more things

My group and I project turned out to work the last time we did it. We were about to take it down because it didn't work but someone pushed the ball and it went but we took the piece of cardboard out so then it would just hit the baseball and ten it hit the roll of tape and unzipped the jacket.

I would do this as a hobby because I really liked to see how it works and that people just grab a box of random things and can make those things into a machine

I wouldn't have wished that I chose a different project because those didn't really interest me but if I had to chose one if I had to switch would be the Google Cardboard because it looked like a lot of fun.

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2 years ago

I glad you enjoy doing your project. 😎

2 years ago

Can't wait to hear how the project goes 😉

2 years ago

Awesome job! I'm excited to see it work!