John B. Watson

By: Marisa Mahalik

What theory (theories) did they develop?

~he believed that if we could control ourselves from on infancy then we could mold ourselves into the person we want.

~he also believed that at birth our minds were "blank states"

- he also believed our personalities evolve from the rewards and punishments we receive

What type of psychologist were they?

Mr. Watson was a behavioral psychologist.

What influenced them to to this theory?

~The influence of Dewey, James Rowland Angell, Henry Herbert Donaldson and Jacques Loeb

Do you agree with there theory?

~I agree with his theory saying that the rewards and punishments you receive contribute to how we grow up and what kind of person we will be.

~yes! he needed to test his theory but this was not the right way it's unethical. It also wouldn't be fair to the parents of these babies, or these babies. Yes his theories were probably correct the way he went about trying to figure out if this was correct was incorrect.

What kinds of experiments did they conduct?

They wanted to fill an emotionally stabled baby with fears.

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