Fire and Ice

Kayla DuPont


Scalding magma that travels to the earth's surface using fissures and volcanoes.

Lava is a noun.

After rumbling, the volcano spewed out lava from its depths, releasing the scorching substance on the small town that lay below.


A crack in the earth's surface that leaks lava.

Fissure is a noun.

Finally, the earthquake caused the land to rupture, creating a massive fissure in the earth visible from a distance.

C) The Polson Lobe had the biggest impact on the Washington State landscape because it blocked the rivers of parts of three different states and acted as a massive dam to them. This made the lake behind it the size of the Great Lakes, Erie and Ontario, and is known as Glacial Lake Missoula. When the ice dams gave way, as they did every twenty to thirty years, the water wall from it flooded the land and was over four hundred feet in depth, scarring everything in its grasp over the Columbia Basin at over sixty-five miles per hour. These blemishes are now known as coulees and Channeled Scablands. Upon reaching the narrow Wallula Gap, the water began to continue more sedately, the Gap becoming a dam. Slowly, the water behind the Gap seeped into the ocean and continued like this for thousands of years. This was the most important lobe because it scarred the state and created possibly the largest body of water that has been in our state.

D) Pressure that had been gathering in the volcano, and increasingly collecting in in the past two months, woke Mount Saint Helens from its dormancy. Over eighty thousand feet of ash was blasted in a vertical line in the sky. Helens’ north face was blown off and was dumped into the Toutle River’s North Fork and the rest of the volcano’s peak was gone in half a minute. Excess water, the mountain’s melted snow, ice, rocks, trees that were splintered by wind, mud, and debris blocked many rivers. Miles of forest were leveled and Yakima, Wenatchee and Moses Lake were covered in ash that was being pushed east, blocking the sun and transforming the sky into a midnight black. Fifty-two people and numerous wildlife were casualties in this deadly disaster. This eruption also showed that even dormant volcanoes should be kept under careful watch all over the world.

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