New England Colonies Region

By: Cara Morrison

We have the greatest sights, and the the best sea food, for the sea food lover in you!


1.) New Hampshire

2.) Massachusetts
3.) Rhode Island


Climate and regions

The wether here is the perfect wether.  It is warm with a cool breeze in the summer, but it is a little cold in the winter.  We have built in fire places just for the winter so it is always warm in your house in the winter.  


We have short growing seasons, so we fish most of the time.  Sea food is the most popular food type, so if you think you don't like sea food, try ours it's the best!!! Our soil is ok, so it is kinda hard to grow goods to trade, but because we have fish, we trade that for goods we can not produce with our farming.


Whaling was a popular thing to do back in the New England Colonies, it was a way to get food and skins to trade.  It was a dangerous job because the whales are very strong and it was hard to catch them, so it was smart to go in a group to catch them so you could have a better chance of finding and catching a whale.  Also building ships was a big job there.  They made trading and shipping ships that they sold to other people for food and goods to bring back to the New England Colonies.  The ships were very big so they could put cargo on the ship and very heavy trading items were also put on the ships.    

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