Why You Need a Drilling Company to Handle Retaining Walls

When a construction project calls for building retaining walls or piers to secure the grounds it’s not uncommon for homeowners to be a bit baffled as to why a drilling company delivers the expertise in this arena. After all, most people think drilling companies are only required when there’s a need to lay pipe, dig wells or handle excavations for basements, pools and other underground structures.

While it might seem unorthodox to use a drilling company to handle an above ground structure, which as piers or retaining walls, the reality is there is often much more to this type of construction than meets the eye. Drilling companies are precisely the pros to call upon for these reasons:

  • They have the know-how to stop erosion – When seawalls and other structures are needed to stabilize ground and protect above ground construction from damage due to soil loss or water intrusion, the work must generally start below the ground. While a beautiful retaining wall might be the visible result, the ins and outs of providing the supports for the job happen below the ground.
  • They have the expertise necessary to build a stable end product – When piers are needed, for example, having a deep understanding of the supports required below ground are critical for the outcome of the above ground structure. Drilling companies that specialize in this type of work know how to get the job done right while ensuring the resulting construction will stand the test of time.
  • They know how to stop water instruction – Piers and retaining walls are often required when water intrusion is an issue on a site. Through a dewatering process, these professionals are able to build highly stable walls and other structures by ensuring the support begins below the ground.
  • They can provide plenty of options – Drilling companies do more than dig holes in the ground. The best have the expertise necessary to recommend the best retaining structures while helping ensure a stable final build out.

Construction sometimes must begin below ground for the finished project to deliver durability, stability and safety. When this is the case, drilling companies that specialize in retaining walls, piers and other stabilizing structures should be the first call made before any other work proceeds. If these pros handle the work on the front end, homeowners can rest assured erosion and other stability issues will be addressed before other construction begins.

About the Company:

DMI Drilling Construction has been a leading provider of retaining walls, piers and other supporting structures throughout Washington state since 1991. Delivering expertise home and business owners need, the company takes pride in every job completed.