Whitney Tenorio&Stefani Vanegas

Intrinsic (inside)

Rewards: music to accompany an activity, stamps, stickers, snacks

Allow  Students work together

Let students choose paper and project topics that interest them

Assess them in a variety of ways tests, papers, projects, presentations, etc

Solving a word puzzle because you find the challenge fun and interesting

Extrinsic (outside)

Curiosity: Internal motivation is increased when something in the physical environment grabs the individual's attention and when something about the activity stimulates the person to want to learn more.

Challenge: People are more motivated when they pursue goals that have personal meaning, that relate to their self-esteem, when performance feedback is available, and when attaining the goal is possible but not necessarily certain.

Control: People want control over themselves and their environments and want to determine what they pursue.

Cooperation and Competition: Intrinsic motivation can be increased in situations where people gain satisfaction from helping others and also in cases where they are able to compare their own performance favorably to that of others.

Recognition: People enjoy having their accomplishment recognized by others, which can increase internal motivation.

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