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In this blog, you'll find tips on sites and other digital tools that may help you improve your English...


Watch the video and answer:

a) Do you agree the world has a new mania to learn English? Why?

b) "Learning English means opportunity" What are the examples the speaker mentions? Are they real in Brazil?

c) The students scream: "I want to speak perfect English". Is it possible? What does "perfect English" mean for you?

In order to improve your English, it's important to focus on the four language skills, specially the one you consider more difficult or maybe more relevant for you present interests;


The Flatmates - It's an English teaching online soap opera. You can watch the videos to practice listening skills, and then do the exercises about the videos. There is a language point to study and a quiz. You can also express your impressions about the topic on the "Talk section". Moreover, it's possible to read the scripts. There are more than 100 episodes to watch in the archive.


To improve your speaking skills, I'd recommend you to find a penpall to communicate in English with people from other countries. A good option is the site Interpalls. In the "Language Exchange" section, you can choose the option "chat", where you can talk to other people using video and audio or written messages.


The British Council website offers amazing cues on writing skills. You will find examples of texts from different genre, information on  structure, punctuation and useful phrases to use.

In the same website, you may visit the "Grammar & Vocabulary" section, since these are important features when you are writing. There are explanations, examples, exercises and games.


If you are interested in developing your reading skills, I'd suggest the "VClaass" website. There is plenty of content on using the dictionary, drawing inferences, supporting details, word attack, figurative language and other important skills to develop. Besides, you can practice these skills on the exercises available and then, check your answers.

If you prefer to choose texts to read according to your proficency level, try the "English Zone - Reading". The texts are organized according to easy, intermediate and advanced level.

However, it's also extremally important to read authentic texts to become a good reader. So, check out the "Reader's digest" site. You'll get to know general-interest news from all over the world, such as food, politics, health, sports, jokes and so on...

Hope you enjoy it!
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