New Second Chance
Dallas & Fort Worth
High School

Mission Statement:
Achieve, Collaborate, Reflect, Innovate & Celebrate

The New Second Chance Dallas-Fort Worth High School, is a unique second chance year-round charter school. The goal is to provide our over-aged, under credited students the ability to accelerate their school course work to earn a true high school diploma.

How Will the New Second Chance Dallas-Fort Worth High School Serve a Unique & Vital Function for the Community ?

  • 25% of Dallas residents have not completed high school who are over the age of 25. The United States average is 15% and the Texas average is 19%. Dallas has a problem with over aged, under educated residents.
  • One's education level significantly impacts there personal income. According to the US Census Bureau a typical high school drop outs make $20,500 and and the typical high school graduate makes $31,000 a year.
  • The New Second Chance Dallas-Fort Worth High School will be open all year round. The original school year with the traditional summer vacation was created in 1869. The purpose of the summer break was to allow the students to work on the family farms because extra help was needed during the summer season. Students now will have the opportunity to receive two years accreditation in one year because the school will be open year round.
  • Students will have many options to get credit for classes via online options and face to face opportunities with the trained professional teachers.
  • Students will be provided with laptops, textbooks, software, headphones, etc that will be rented out and returned each semester.
  • The goal for the students attending the school is for the students to be able to work a part time, or even full time job while still be able to work towards a high school diploma.
  • The plan is to open the New Second Chance Dallas-Fort Worth High School by January 2015.

Please Enroll Today and Get You on Your Way to Earning a High School Diploma and Making a Better Life!

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Funded by the US Department of Education from the Federal Grant: The Investing Innovation (i3) Fund

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