Hamiln Park Stream of Conscious
Free Write

there was a  guy named mark he was on the chubby side he was pale and he had family problems all he ever wanted to do is fit in in his new school he had to move because his father had found a better job he was bullied because of his family he had been called all sorts of names fatty ugly poor and that really damaged his self of steam he used to go home and cry because of the hurtful words they would say his mother came in and said are you okay NO! mark replied im fed up with all the name calling i never asked to be fat or ugly his mother said you are my beautiful child dont let anyone let you be sad or get you down you are better than that i know it must be hard now be soon we will be living like normal families mark just said okay and went to sleep the next day he was in school he had mysteriously got a call from his father so he went to the office he answered the phone his father said that his mother had got in a terrible car crash he dropped the phone he was devastated he never felt that way before he just talked to her last night he never got to say good bye he rushed to the hospital after that he bust through the door he cried mom MOM why did you leave he stared crying why his mother said 1 word after her death STAY STRONG. he had been depressed so deepressed that he stayed in his room he didnt eat he stayed there crying for a week . next thing he knew he had lost ALOT of weight his father knocked on the door and said im coming in he sat on the feet of the bed he said come on i know get dressed go back to school take a shower for gods sake.....silence....he got up and said okay when he got up his father was totally suprised he said wow  you have lost alot of weight as metioned before he had got in the shower got his hair cut got dressed and

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