I believe that the issue of discrimination should matter in the world because no matter what race, religion, or your sexuality we are all human in the end. People think that appearance and social status should matter, but what good is all of that if that person has a cold heart. I believe that no madder what, people will always discriminate others, just because they don't match their view of how a person should be. Discrimination will never end.

Interesting Information

The top ten discriminating states in the world ranking from highest to lowest:

1.) United States of America

2.) United Kingdom

3.) Australia

4.) Rwanda

5.) Japan

6.) Germany

7.) Israel

8.) Russia

9.) Pakistan

10.) India

Help Fight Discrimination

1.) Never again say anything negative about anyone else.

2.) If you witness someone being discriminated, see if you can help the situation.

3.) Be intentional about giving favors to those who you know are being discriminated against.

4.) Guard your words and thoughts when people make discriminating remarks.

Discrimination Around The World

Discrimination is converted into many ways. A lot of people around the world are reminded about those many ways by being discriminated against. This is all around the world, and its not just a little thing. People need to be more aware of the many ways they could be hurting someone by what they say. If people could just get over the fact that everyone has different tastes, looks, and thoughts, than maybe there will be a day where discrimination ends.

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