The Crusades:
The European Perspective

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1.   In the memory of the Jews, the Crusades became the symbol of the opposition between Christianity and Judaism. The Christians saw the Jews as the implacable enemies of their faith and in this climate the blood libel became widespread.It was important for the Europeans to control the jews because of the symbol of Christianity and Judaism that they had.

2.    There were many things that caused the crusades.The Roman Empire had their ways of getting to the European territories by roads. Between 400 and 700 the Germanic tribes  carved Western Europe up in small kingdoms. The strongest and most successful kingdom was that of the Franks. Military expeditions of the European Christians in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries to conquer Ereẓ Israel from the Muslims or to repel their counterattacks.

3.   The Crusades affected Europe both positively and negatively. Crusades affected Europe positively in a way that the Europeans where introduced to social developments like roads. The European catholic churches were also able to become rich since the priests were looked as leaders and elders for advice making them rich. However, the crusades affected Europe in a way that the lost slavery since it was the fastest way of labor and income.

   4. Pope Urban II (1088-1099) was bothered by Muslim rule in the Holy Land, and he wished to see the Holy Land under Christian rule. Europe's revival helped the Pope and other European Christians feel more confident than did those of previous generations.

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