The Faint Neighing

Story by Chelle Praska Photos by Owen Ellingson

Just before dust I went on a walk down the curvy path in the middle of the woods. The sun was just about to go down, making it a beautiful night. There were the sounds of birds chirping, and the rustle of small animals scurrying around.

All of a sudden I hear a faint neighing in the distance. I became very nervous, but I kept walking. I looked down and saw this imprint in the ground. I knew that I was getting closer. The neighing kept getting stronger the closer I got.

since it was getting darker in the woods that it would be best to go to the meadow. Plus I really wanted to find that horse. Sure enough the horse was there in the meadow. But he was stuck. His foot was caught in an old fence. I ran over there as fast as I could to help get him out. It wasn’t easy but I finally got his leg unstuck. He ran away the second he was freed.

The meadow was fairly large and the horse ran very quickly away. As I looked around the meadow I realized there wasn’t any houses around. Who’s horse could this be? I had to find the horse and bring it to the owner. This may be impossible but I was determined to at least tell someone about the horse. So I kept walking.

I kept walking, until I found a river. There was a dock! There had to be somebody that lived around here! I walked downstream until I came across a Ranch. It was a horse Ranch! I ran up to the house as fast as I could and sure enough the Rancher was outside gathering the horses up because the gate had been broken. I asked him about the brown horse I saw earlier in the day. He confirmed that he was missing one of his horses. I told him which direction I found it. He thanked me and we went on our separate ways. I somehow managed to find my way back to my house right before the sun was completely down.

Next thing I remember was jumping out of my bed walking up from that crazy horse dream.

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