My hometown

I have much difficulty to answer the question where I am from I was born in a city, but nowadays I live in another one. When someone ask where I am from in Brazil, for example, I have to say: I was born in Tucurui (Para state), but I live in Bacabal (Maranhao state). I can say that one of the best times of my life was when I lived in the Vila Permanente (Permanent Village), a workers' village in Tucurui city. In detail, Tucurui is very known in Brazil and, also, in Canada. Tucurui has the fifth biggest hydroetric plants in the world, and including, it has received help from Canadian institutions to build it. I would like to speak about that village where I was born and grew up.

These kind of villages are different from the common villages of the Brazilians cities because they are managed by the companies that built them. The common villages are small sets of houses formed around the cities. However, workers' villages like that, since they are administrated by big companies, are well developed, autonomous, provided with everything that you need, such as, own supermarket, church, pharmacy, hospital, mall, cinema, restaurant, recreational club, school, university, city hall, etc (some of them have more and others have less; it depends on the company's financial power). They are like small towns or private condominiums. The village where I was born is just this that.

Vila Permanente is located in Tucurui city, PA North of Brazil. As the company that manages Vila Permantente is one of the biggest companies in Brazil, called Eletronorte, Vila is very well structured, with a North American style (Perhaps Luis knows about it; he has worked at that company). My Brazilian classmates must have found Thunder Bay’s style different since, in Brazil, the houses are too close to the street, surrounded by walls, and too close to each other as well. However, I didn’t found it odd because in Vila Permanente is a little similar. As Thunder Bay, Vila Permanente’s houses own a small distance between the sidewalk and the street, and they are not too close to each, but there is difference, of course, like walls separating them.