my character

shelby lynn jones

inner character

So basically, I'm a goofball.  Most of the things I say are either sarcastic or a joke.. and if you can't tell then good luck.  I'm a carefree person but at the same time, I can be extremely high-maintenance.  I don't care about the opinions of others because they don't matter to me.  I can be sweet and charming when I want to be and OCD is my middle name.  I am loving and nurturing, kind of like a mother; which is why I want to be a kindergarten teacher: to make a difference in the lives of children.


Nature is my second home.  I LOVE the outdoors... but not as much as I love my weiner dog.  Poet and I have a special bond.  I rescued her from a puppy mill and in a way, she rescued me.  Poet has shown me the value of friendship and loyalty throughout the past 7 years.  Poet and I go on walks and adventures everyday, which is why the outdoors with her is a setting that most represents me.  If I could watch Netflix outside in the sun, on a field of fresh grass, with Poet... that would be my slice of Heaven.


This Edinex camera symbolizes myself in more ways than one.  Its old and vintage design reflects my style: my mom has always told me that I have an old soul and so much heart.  Fashion wise, I am obsessed with vintage clothing. (Note: I am NOT saying in any way, shape, or form that I am a "hipster".)  I have had a hobby for photography since the 6th grade and capturing memories to look back upon in the future is a feeling that brings me true happiness.  The dream catcher symbolizes the dreams and goals that I have for myself.  I live by my great grandmother's words, "shoot for the stars."  She bought me that necklace right before she passed and told me there isn't anything I can't do.


I'm a child at heart.  I have had a love for Spongebob since before I can remember.  I have always admired Spongebob's optimistic and easy-going attitude, not to mention his love for fun and adventure.  I think I might be reincarnated into Spongebob when I die.

outer character

From the perspective of someone else, Shelby Lynn Jones is one of the most out going and fun individuals you'll ever meet.  She has a heart of gold and can be so serious yet so goofy at the same time.  She is a very intelligent woman with a mind full of ambition.  Her goals are set high but everyone knows she will reach them.  No matter where life takes me, I'll never meet another person like Shelby.

-Trey Soto

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