Ashlee the Athlete

Alexis Panetta-7

Ashlee with dirty blonde hair the color of sand,

Ashlee of the blue eyes the color of the ocean,

Ashlee whose mouth speaks before her mind,

is the best player on the basketball team,

dunks the ball like Michael Jordan,

jumps up and steals it like a thief,

passes to her teammates,

dribbles to the goal then,

runs and dunks then they win the game.

Ashlee runs faster than any other girl,

passes them up like race cars on the track,

wins every time and shows her pride,

because shes a great athlete she's everyone's friend.

Ashlee inside that mouth that speaks out,

the dirty blonde hair and blue eyes,

the shoes that win all the meets and games,

not the prettiest girl at school but she,

thinks positive and nothing can bring her down,

lives like there's no tomorrow, doesn't

care what other people think,

believes she can do anything and,

plays hard and no one can stop her.

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