Grace Johnson

Fact #1

The Atmosphere has four different layers that are all equally important to us. The Troposphere creates Earth's weather, and without weather none of the crops or plants would grow. The Stratosphere protects us from the Sun's harmful rays, but traps in enough warmth for animals/ people on land. Next,  we have the Mesosphere which protects us from meteorites. Lastly, the Thermopshere creates the Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights. The Thermosphere is the largest of the layers which also has the Exosphere and Ionosphere.

Fact #2

As you go higher in the atmosphere, the pressure decreases. In other words, as the altitude increases, the pressure drops and less weight will be pushing down on you.

Fact #3

The Greenhouse Effect draws in warmth and sunlight, it traps it inside the atmosphere. The sunlight is reflected off if the atmosphere and comes back to Earth as heat. Other gasses such as carbon dioxide and others also help keep the Earth warm.

Fact #4

As you get higher in the atmosphere, the temperature changes. The Troposphere starts out cold, but as you enter the Stratosphere it starts to get warmer. Next, you'll enter the Mesosphere which gets colder. Lastly, will be the Thermosphere, which gets very hot because it's the closest to the Sun.

Fact #5

The atmosphere is made up of many gasses. But there are two main gasses that fill the atmosphere. The main one is Nitrogen, it fills 78% of the whole atmosphere, which is over 3/4 of it. The next one is oxygen, which only takes up about 21% of it. There are other gasses as well like carbon dioxide, and Argon. But those gasses barely come close to the amount of Nitrogen or Oxygen.

Fact #6

When you blow up a balloon, you're putting air and your spit inside of it. The air inside then turns into air pressure. Air molecules are pushing up, down, sideways, and in every direction inside of the balloon, as well as outside and around it too. The more air you put in, the more air pressure will bounce around inside.

Fact #7

The atmosphere does many things to help Earth and all of its inhabitants live. One thing it does is it traps oxygen inside Earth. The atmosphere contains oxygen that helps animals and plants breathe and without it nothing would survive

Fact #8

The atmosphere contains a very important layer called the ozone layer. The ozone layer absorbs and protects us from most of the Sun's harmful UV radiation.

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