Self-Reflection Jacob Embacher

Breif Summary of my Career Assignment

My Career Cluster Areas

My Key interest Areas - RAE

  • Realistic people are usually assertive and competitive, and are interested in activities requiring motor coordination, skill and strength. People with a realistic orientation usually prefer to work a problem through by doing something, rather than talking about it, or sitting and thinking about it. They like concrete approaches to problem solving, rather than abstract theory. They tend to be interested in scientific or mechanical rather than cultural and aesthetic areas. They like to work with THINGS.
  • Artistic people are usually creative, open, inventive, original, perceptive, sensitive, independent and emotional. . They do not like structure and rules, like tasks involving people or physical skills, and are more likely to express their emotions than others. They like to think, organize and understand artistic and cultural areas. They like to work with IDEAS and THINGS.
  • Enterprising people are good talkers, and use this skill to lead or persuade others. They also value reputation, power, money and status, and will usually go after it. They like to work with PEOPLE and DATA

Careers I Would Consider Include:

  • Mechanic
  • Farmer
  • Construction Manager

My Personality Trait

Introverts: like to be alone enjoy one‐on‐one communicate by writing reserved and private like to focus on one thing at a time work with ideas learn by reflection and thinking think ‐ do ‐ think conservation of energies enjoy a small circle of friends

Sensors: focus on what is real and actual prefer facts and concrete pay attention to details observe and remember sequentially are down‐to‐earth learn step‐by‐step focus on the present rely on past experience prefer things as they are value practical applications

Thinkers: prefer to analyse the problem are objective are tough‐minded value justice are reasonable and fair use cause‐and‐effect reasoning are good at critiquing prefer to be direct usually don't take things personally can be seen as insensitive

Perceivers: are easygoing tend to play now / work later like to be spontaneous prefer things to remain open‐ended make lists and lose them leave thing to the last minute often ask "what deadline?" like to start projects are process‐oriented value flexibility enjoy last‐minute pressures

My Strongest Skills

  • Figuring things out I like figuring out challenging problems.
  • Mathematics For my career interests this is important to be good at
  • Fixing Equipment For my career interests this is an important skill to have
  • Social Skills These skills are needed for almost every job

Careers I Would Consider

  • Electrician
  • Construction Manager
  • Plumber
  • Mechanic

My Most Important Values

  • Fun and Humor I like to have fun and laugh and i would be miserable working somewhere that is very professional and blah.
  • Security It is important to feel secure so if anything were to go wrong with your job or health or anything you will be okay in the long run still and not be in a bunch of debt.
  • Profit and Gain There is no point in working if you don't get any profit to do or buy the things you need and want.
  • Physical Challenge I like to be in shape and doing physical activities instead of sitting at a computer or behind a desk which is why I enjoy a physical challenge.
  • Work Life Balance This is probably the most important to me because I do not want my life to be all work and no free time to have fun but at the same time I would get to bored if i have to much free time and little work which is why there needs to be a even balance between both.

What I Learned About Myself

I learned that I am a hands on kind of person which means I like to work outside. I would like a job that involves working with other people.