Road trip Project

Total miles traveled: 9202.5 mi.

City #1: Salt lake city, UT

City #2: Phoenix, AZ

City #3: Orlando, FL

City #4: Columbus, OH

City #5: Las Vegas, NV

Car: 2012 Honda Odyssey


Miles per gallon: 21 MPG       

Total cost: $1719.27

Total fuel required: 438.093 g

Days Sightseeing:

(Salt lake city, UT): 3 days                                                                

(Phoenix, AZ):  3 days

(Orlando, FL):   3 days

(Columbus, OH):   3 days

(Las Vegas, NV):   3 days

Salt Lake city, UT: Bryce Canyon, National park.

Phoenix, AZ: Grand Canyon

Orlando, FL: Disney Hollywood studios.

Columbus OH: Zip-zone Canopy tours.

Las Vegas NV: Stratosphere


Cost of Hotel:   $4925

Cost of Meals: $930

Total Cost of Trip: $11595.02


            I chose to travel to Salt Lake city because that is where I was born, I chose to travel to Phoenix because it is warm there and they have canyons that I want to see. I also chose to travel to Orlando because that's where most of my cousins are, and that's also where Ft. Walton beach is. I chose to travel to Columbus OH and Las Vegas NV because Columbus has Zip line tours to look at all of Columbus OH. I chose Las Vegas because they have the stratosphere you can look down out of it and eat. This is my whole trip.

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