Narrative Poem, - Howard 6, November 4, 2013

The Voice Inside

Evan with a voice not so pleasant
Evan of brown hair and eyes
Evan whose personality is different
Is always ignored by others

Swims fast as lightning
Runs like a cheetah
Lives in a great big house
Hangs out with a lot of his friends
Loves all of his family

Evan clears his throat
Tries to speak but no one listens
Whispers every where around him but he isn't heard
Because he isn't loud enough
Evan inside all of that
Inside he isn't even speaking
inside that 15 year old boy
Is a boy that wants to be heard

Screaming inside of him is the real him
Trying to be released into the big world
Believing if he tries hard enough he will be heard
Trying as hard as he can finally,
Breaking free, is a boy that can be heard.

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