Famous Composers

By:  John Torento and Bryan Ong

      Three of the world's considered most famous composers, Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven, lived and worked during this period. These people grew up in a period of violent political and social troubles/upheavals. Because from the late 18th to early 19th century, the world was troubled by the Seven Years War, American and French Revoution, Napoleon's Wars. And much like everyone else, musicians too were affected by these changes in society brought by war. We can trace these changes in these three great composers lives and work. Joseph Haydn, who lived from 1732 to 1809, lived content to serving a wealthy family of aristocrats. Haydn was a skilled servan, as shown in his contract of employment, having to wear a uniform, and compose music only in His Highness' orders. But Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1759 to 1791) could no longer bear his treatment as a servant, breaking free from his court position, in hipes of living a new life in Avicenna as a free lance musician. For most of his remaining years, he lived a successful life until he declined in popularity, dying in much debt. Ludwig Van Beethoven in 1770 to 1827, was more accomplished in living as a freelance musician in Vienna. Than Mozart was. He gained success through a market of the middle class for music, and a very unique and commanding personality that called for nobility to respect him as an equal, giving him tifts as well. In the 18th century, people made more improvements and advancements in society, which allowed the common people to gain more money. Everyone, from merchants, to government official, could afford larger homes, better clothes, more grandeurs food, and a wealthier lifestyle. Soon the middle class wanted more than material pleasures - they wanted other leisure and luxuries such as theater, literature., and most of all, music. This inspired town’s people to organize concerts with fees for enter, which played the latest symphonies and concertos. These public concertos rapidly spread throughout Europe, being run by people such as Johann Christian Bach (son of Bach) and a black violinist named Chevalier de Saint-George. Soon, the desire of the middle class to hear music all around them grew. People wanted their children to learn music, much like the aristocrats did,in hopes of joining music with the aristocracy. This increased the demand of printed music, instruments, and lessons for kusic. This caused Classical composers to make music easy to be played by the amateur musicians. Compositions became less courtly, elegant, operatic, and heroic, turning more vigorous, energetic, and rustic. Composers were pleased with writing dance music for balls in Vienna. Vienna, Europe, was probably the most active music center in the country, as all the major composer of classical music lived there. It was also the most cultural and commercially bustling cosmopolitan center. Born from different countries, Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven were drawn to Vienna, to study music, and gain recognition in their works. Influencing each other’s styles, Beethoven played for Mozart and then study wit Mozart's friend, Haydn.