Stop Polluting The Ocean


Imagine your swimming in the ocean having the best time ever in till you see dead sea animals. you wander why they are there. Allow me to tell you why. Two words. ocean - Pollution!

                                                       It Makes Animals Ill

Some algae comes from pollution and when fish eat that algae they become ill. Also when people go fishing and they catch the ill fish they also become ill some people die! Some turtles and seals are mistaking plastic bags for jellyfish and choking!   

                                                          Lots Are Polluted

Plastic Bottles, cigarette buds, fishing nets, & oil. doesn't that sound disgusting. Did you know plastic under the ocean can take up to 1,000 years to break apart! Did you also know  that there is a pile of trash under the ocean the size of Texas.

                                                        Bad Things Are Happening

Did you know that some people thought that the ocean was so big that whatever they put in it would just disappear,  but that's not true!   Also between 1956 and 1968 japan released a metal called mercury. Mercury was dumped directly into the sea. Soon a lot of fish became ill and the people who ate the fish also became ill. Many died!

So if you want a clean ocean with no dead sea animals then...

                                                     STOP POLLUTING THE OCEAN!!!