Geometry All Around Us

by Kevin Essah

Question #1

Are line segments A and B perpendicular, parallel, skew, or oblique?

3. Are lines AB and CD parallel, perpendicular, skew, or oblique?

4. If one of the angles of a triangle is 90 degrees, and another angle is 60 degrees, what is the measuure of the third angle.

5. If angles B and C are 50 degrees, what type of triangle is shown and what is the measure of angle A?

6. If line segments AB and CD are congruent, and segments BC and DA are congruent, which postulate proves that the two triangles are congruent?

7. If angles B and D are congruent, which postulate will prove that triangles ABC and ACD are congruent?

8. If segment BE is parallel to CD, find x and y.

9. Is the angle shown above an acute, right, or obtuse angle?

10. If the coordinates of segment AB are (1,2) and (-3, 0) what is the distance of the segment?


1. Skew

2. 110 degrees

3. Parallel

4. 30 degrees

5. Isosceles, 80 degrees

6. Side Side Side(SSS)

7. Angle Side Angle(ASA)

8. 3.75, 19.25

9. Right angle

10. 4.47

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