The Moons Importance
Enrique Camarena-Bryant
5th hour

This is gonna talk about moon phases, eclipses and tides and how they are produced and how the work and what they do


The moons role is to give us light and give us life and gravity and helps our planet live and keep us alive. The moon is also the earths light and give us life. Another thing the moon does is it make tides and does what it does for our planet. Another thing the moon does it that is gives us information about the universe.

The eclipses are just for show.  they make us wonder how they happens how they happen.  Another thing is how do they do that why they are the color they are. Why do they happen and why are they so beautiful.  How they work and what happens with out that phase .

the moons makes tides. Tides are wave that go into a gully them bring all the water back and only leaves a little bit of water.  Then the tides come  back in then put all the whater ask in there that was originally in there.  And the finally repeats over and over every day.

The moons is our part to us to help us live.  It also helps our plants and animals live and insects. The moon also gives us light at night.  And the moon is another plant that gives us gravity.

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