For K-12 classrooms:


MOBL21 is an app that allows teachers to create and share course material with students (and others), who can access the materials at any time and at any place at their convenience. For instance, any subject area teacher could create flashcards and quizzes for students as a study tool. Students can access these and study as much as they want to.

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts is an app that provides ideas for writing in the form of color, images and words. In a Social Studies class, a teacher could use this app to help students participate in a group discussion. Students can receive prompts, or get different prompts from the app until their thoughts are stimulated to make a response.


Twitter is an app that allows students and teachers to post tweets (thoughts, questions, links, pictures, etc), and use hashtags to allow easy tracking of tweets on the same topic. A math teacher could use this app for an assignment to ask students to find patterns in their surroundings outside of school. Whenever students see a pattern, they could tweet a picture of the pattern they identified. The teacher can easily compile all the patterns posted by the students by clicking on the hashtag, and use it in class for teaching and/or student activities.


Zwoor is an app that facilitates any learning activity that involves polling. In a Mathematics class, the teacher could use Zwoor to help gather results from student's votes and create graphs to help students understand the concept of graphs and percentages.


Kindle is an app that allows students to read textbooks (as well as leisure reading books) on their mobile devices. In an English class, students could access the text instead of having to purchase or borrow or loan the book. Students would also be carrying less weight in their backpacks, and can access the text at any time at their convenience.

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