Meredith Villarrial and Maddie Hamilton

How were spy's involved in World War One?


First German spies that were caught in the UK during World War One were dealt with under various sections of the defense of the Realm Legislation. Then it was for acts committed under this law, that the leaders of the Irish Easter uprising were courts-martialled. Roger Casement who was tried and executed in 1916, was tried under the High Treason Act. Then the condemned spies were shot by firing squad either in the old miniature rifle range in The Tower of London or The Towers ditch. The rifle range was demolished for office space in 1969, and it was later made into car parking space. Finally all of the executed spies were buried in East London Cemetery, in Plaistow, London.

How were dogs used in the war effort for world war one?

Dogs helped comfort and guard the men.

Dogs were a very important part in World War One! There were many different types of dogs. There were mascot dogs, sentry dogs, scout dogs, casualty dogs, and messenger dogs. For example the casualty dogs were used to find the wounded, Also they carried medicine packs. The mascot dogs were used to comfort the wounded. Also, they would help the soldiers not feel homesick. The sentry dogs were used to detect enemy's. Scout dogs were used to detect the scent of enemy's. Finally the messenger dogs were used to run messages to nearby soldiers!

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