Laddawadee Maroomdee, 12 years old.

Lives with her parents, sister, cousin, and grandmother in Bangkok.

6:20 a.m Breakfast

Sometimes Laddawadee's family has khao torn,which is porridge made of rice and milk.

8:00 a.m Math or Thai language class.

Math is one her favorite classes because she's good at it.

10:00 a.m Recess

At this time Laddawadee and her friends eat ice cream.

11:30 a.m Lunch

At lunch Laddawadee eats kluay tiaow, which is noodles and ice or she eats gai tawt, which is fried chicken.

3:30 p.m Dance Class

At 3:30 p.m Laddawadee walks next door to her sisters school. Every other Wednesday she has dance class. In dance class, she is learning traditional Thai dances.

7:00 p.m

She watches T.V. or plays games on the computer.

9:00 p.m Bed Time

Before Laddawadee goes to bed, she prays that her family and friends are happy and healthy.

My Daily Schedule
6:45 a.m

At 6:45 a.m my alarm goes off and I wake up. This is the time that I start getting ready. I usually have around 30 minutes to get ready for school before my mom drives me to the elementary school to get on the bus.

8:00 a.m

This is usually the time that our bus arrives at the school. When we get off the bus, we go to the gym and sit for about 3 minutes, then we're dismissed to our first period class. My first period class is history. I enjoy history because it's fun to learn about.

11:00 a.m

At this time, most of the 7th grade students are at lunch talking with friends, and eating either the food the cafeteria served that day, or what they packed for lunch.

1:24 p.m

Right now I'm in English class with Mrs.Mullalley. This is also one of my favorite classes because our teacher is nice and because English is fun sometimes.

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