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How Neo Work With DSD

The build NEO is doing with Dsdomination is 3 on your frontline. Meaning that if you are joining Dsd through NEO, the NEO system will automatically place 3 people under you covering your Dsdomination 19.95 and 9.95 cost. And, when any of those 3, or anyone else you recruit sell any training products, you get a commission off their DSD training products sales. Once again, any sales they make on Ebay as a result of using the training products are not commission-able to you, of course. Make sense? Dsdomination pays 10 levels deep. That means that the first 3 people who are placed by Neo's system will earn you 50% of 19.95 (or higher if you own a higher product and they buy a higher product). That's called your first level. Then when their 3 are placed under them and those people buy their Pro product, your 3 guys receive 50% and you receive 10%. That's called the second level. Then when 3 are placed by the system under them who buy the Pro product, they earn 50% your first level people earn 10%, and you earn 5%. That's called your third level. It goes down into 10 levels deep, paying you some percentage of the 19.95 your downline members spend. Now, if someone in your first level buys the 99.00 product, you cannot earn 50% of that unless you also own the 99.00 product, and so on for each of the 5 commissionable products. Do the math and you can see that just by getting in during the launch so that the NEO system places 3 for you, can make you money immediately. Next, if you use the training in the product to learn to buy-sell/drop ship on ebay, whatever profits you earn from those actions are yours 100% to keep.

As the snow comes down, you can raise your income up by this simple ebay selling tool. Only 19.95. I used it and earned $255 in two hours. Don't even have to recruit people. Just use the tool. I'm not allowed to post the link until our public launch tonight, but message me and I'll put you on the list and send the link out, first come first served. Just as well find money now online when you're snowed in.

I joined DS domination as an affiliate through the NEO network. Total cost $49.95. Last night in less than two hours, I earn $255. Anyone who joins NEO Network team for 19.95 will be given an affiliate link to join DS domination and 3 affiliates will be automatically placed under them thereby recovering the DS domination cost. Boom. Your home business is paid for and you are on your way to earning money online from Ebay. Just in time for Christmas. Message me for the link.

Ladies & Gentlemen, this is real... If interested contact me...