The moon's importance

                                                   Clay Snyder, 6th hour.

    The moon's importance is very pronounced, but few actually know the extent of what it does. It has a unique role in our lifes. From tides to our source of light at night it actually does a lot. It has phases, and can cause eclipses. The moon's role is more important then it seems.

                   Phases of the moon

    If you, like most people have ever seen the moon, you will have noticed that it is not always a sphere. The moon's changing is called changing phases. The moon is not always the same because light it reflects from the sun is not always hitting us at the same angle. If no light is hitting us, that is a new moon, if it is all hitting us, that is a full moon. Phases are important to understanding other things about the moon.


  The ocean going up and down, how could that possibly be created by the moon? The gravity of the moon is the culprit. As the moon orbits the Earth, the water is pulled by the moon causing it to bulge out, and thus, high tide is created. Where the water is sucked to create the high tide, a low tide forms. Spring tides have the highest and lowest tides, and are formed during new and full moons. Neap tides are the inverse, formed during the first and third quarter moons.


      The moon and Earth sometimes get In the way of each other, this is called an eclipse. There are two types, when the moon blocks the sun it creates a solar eclipse. When the earth blocks the moon, a lunar eclipse is created. Both eclipses are very spectacular to see, the lunar eclipse tints the moon red, because of light reflecting off the Earth's atmosphere. The solar eclipse is debatably the more dramatic of the two, appearing as a ring of fire in the sky. Eclipses are rare and short, but are really incredible.

                              What if...

          What if the moon was not there? Well, to begin in places with no electricity there would be little light during the night. Tides would not exist, in some places where people rely on the high tide to get to sea, that could cause major economic problems. Eclipses would not be a thing, they are rare and short but it would be just a little more boring without them. Finally, NASA may not exist, it was created for the race tothe moon, and if there was not a close target to go to, we may not of ever felt the need or inspiration to go beyond the atmosphere.

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