Students and Homework

Controversial Issue

Many people have different opinions on whether or not students should be given homework. Homework is viewed by some people as a waste of time while others believe it is very much needed. Most students complain that they get to much homework or that it takes up a lot of their time.


Back then most students would be happy with having homework, since they didn't have technology. They thought homework was something to help past the time and would be grateful for it. Over time more and more technology was introduced to students which slowly made them less and less interested in doing homework.


In this particular topic i am against the fact of students having homework.

For Homework

Homework is said to help scholars become more successful, it allows them to show what they understand and is an opportunity for the teacher to see what the students need more help with. It can also help the scholar become more independent and responsible with what is expected of them.

Against Homework

There are lots of people who believe homework is just a big waste of their time and doesn't help them at all. It can bring not only the student but also the parent stress. In fact most the time students will ask their parents for help and their parents will end up completing their childs homework. If teachers wouldn't give out homework then theres a possibility that students will be more happy and not stress to much about it. Scholars spend about 7 hours a day 5 days a week, what makes teachers think students will be willing to do work outside of school.

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