There are three things that I learned in Mike Good's speech. I've learned that it is really important to get a good education. Or you can be like him and get a high-paying job that took him 13 years. I also learned what kind of security measures Cisco and other companies go through to keep your network safe at all costs.The last thing I learned was that Cisco and other companies are trying to advance anything with the use of technology. They want to branch out and innovate in order to be successful.

Mr. Pattni talked about different hackers and how they affect us. He also showed us the OC hackerz website and trying to persuade us to try out building new things in this hackerz community. He is also a entrepreneur.

Yes, I would recommend this field trip to next year's students because it lets us know a different side of technology we've never seen before. Also, these are people in the bushiness so it makes it seem more established.

-Danny Dang Period

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