Yesterday, my class went to Crystal Caves and it was so much fun, exciting, and interesting. The most interesting thing i learned was the bats that live in the Cave. It was fun because we heard a lot of stories about people, including a ghost made of rock. They called the rock ghost the Ghost of Crystal Caves. Crystal Caves was exciting because the texture of the rocks was very cool and very creative. Another interesting thing i liked was the Wish room because it had a lot of peoples wishes on penny’s and nickels. I really liked this field trip, and i hope i get to go again. by Kalea.

P.S. That was just the beginning of me telling you great stuff about Crystal Caves.

At Crystal Caves, we saw a bat.
We saw cave goosebumps.
Crystal Caves showed animals that lived in the cave when it was full of water.
The animals left fossils in the cave.
We saw Charlie's teeth.
There was peoples wishes in the cave walls.
Me and Ashlee had a great time.
It looks like the boys had fun at Crystal Caves.

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