Bahrain, Bahrain is an interesting country because of it's location ,religion, and technology. Bahrain's location is located in the Middle East. My country's religion is mostly Muslim. Lastly, its technology is the most common ,the cell phone. My country is interesting because of it's location , religion ,and the country's technology

First, Bahrain is located in the middle east . It's archipelago is in the Persion Gulf . It's also East of Suabi Arabic . Bahrain covers 760 sq km , it is 3.5 times the size of Washington D.C. . There is also 14.16 births each year . there is also some natural resources such as oil,pearls, fish, and natural gases.

Next is their religion, Bahrain religion is mostly Muslium. only 9% are Christians. I think could go there when I'm older. There are also only two ethnic groups one of them is Bahrain, the second one is non Bahrain .I would like to go to Bahrain to study it's culture.only only 9.8% is Christians .

Lastly is it's technology ,the most common technology is mostly the telephone. I am on my telephone all the time. The main telephone line use about 290,000 call or texts per month. the internet is used by 47,727 people everyday. Their internet bill must be so expensive. there are also radios ,television , and pipelines.I

In conclusion, Bahrain is an interesting country because of its location ,religon, technology. Bahrain's location is in the middle east . An its religon is mostly is mostly musilm . it's technology is most the cell phone. LOLOLOL

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