Comparing Jesus and Buddha

Buddha was born with luxury and royalty while on the other hand Jesus was born a low-class worker. Jesus's miracles reflected the power of god. while Buddha ignored the supernatural. Jesus's teachings antagonized the Jewish and Roman authority's. While Buddha's message was less threatening. They were both wisdom teachers challanging the conventianal values of their time.

Establishing New Religions

Even though neither of them had the intention to found their own religion, Christianity and Buddhism soon emerged as their own religions. Saint Paul was a important Christian who lead missionary journeys in the Roman Empire. This helped the spread of Christianity. It spread very rapidly through the Roman Empire during the centuries after Jesus's death. Christian communities also attracted people to convert because of their care and love for another. The Roman Empire's people were offended by the Christian religion because of its monotheism. The Roman rulers used Christianity to hold their people together, and abolished all other religions in order to make everyone Christian. In India Buddism was not catching on with the people, but it spread in other parts of Asia.

Creating Insitutions

Pope Gelasius spoke out sharply about women taking place of the males in the church, which went on to create a male dominated organization. The schism occurred because the church in the western half of the empire was not recognized in the east. Doctrinal differences also tore at the unity of Christians. Some of these differences were relating to Jesus's relationship to God and the nature of Jesus. Buddhism also had problems within their religion, such as lacking the 'clear cut distinction between right and wrong ideas'. Many different sections of Buddhism emerged including different practices of meditation and teaching.


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