Biotic and Abiotic Factors

One example of an Abiotic Factor is rain,as it is a nonliving thing,yet it still effects an ecosystem.

The Sun is also an example because it isn't alive,yet it still influences all ecosystems.

All kinds of weather can effect an ecosystem although they are not alive.

Lion are a living thing that influences their ecosystem.Savanna biomes are where lions are usually found.

Monkeys can also influence an ecosystem by the amount of vegetation they eat.Monkeys are likely to be found in a rain forest biome.

Wolves influence all things below its self in the food chain within its ecosystem.Wolves are more likely to be found in the arctic tundra.

1.Abiotic factors are non living things while Biotic factors are alive.

2.Biotic and Abiotic both make up an ecosystem by interacting and meeting up to form the unique ecosystem.

3.Rain forest- rain,sunlight,rocks,wind,soil.Monkey,tree,plant,Jaguar lizard.

4.It would influence the ecosystem in a very bad way.Some animals would also die off because of the missing parts of the food chain.

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