Defining moments of Canada

      From its birth in 1867 to its 147th birthday, Canada has always been a country with a good history behind it. Canada has been involved in so many things and many Canadians have amazing stories to tell about it. In my opinion, the most pride-worthy defining moments of Canada are medicare introduced, the constitution act of 1982, and the creation of Nunavut. These are moments in Canada’s history where Canada finally solved issues it had dragging on, and also made Canada the nation it is today. However, Canada has also had its shameful moments in its history. The 3 most shameful moments in Canada’s history are the stock market crash of the 1930s, Canada’s declaration of war on Germany, and the October crisis. Sometimes, even the greatest of things have moments of feeling low, and I believe that Canada’s history is like this.

      First, I think that Canada’s medicare act is a moment in Canada’s history that we should take pride in. A man who once faced being legless, Tommy Douglas decided that maybe Canada should have an act that gave people medical care. With that on his mindset, he and Lester B. Pearson decided to pass the medicare act. I think this is a proud defining moment because it gave Canadians something that very little to no countries had at the time, free healthcare. Today, the free healthcare is saving millions and Canada should be proud that we are saving more lives each day. Yes it could use retouching but it is still a great act that made Canada the nation it is today. Tommy Douglas had the right idea of this act; it was very humanitarian of him. On the other hand, I feel that it wasn’t very humanitarian of Canada to announce war on Germany during WWII. At the time, Canada was its own country and did not need Britain to think for them. It wasn’t right because Canada lost many lives, and now that we are peacekeepers and reflect back on that, it’s not very peaceful of us. Also, with WWII came the infamous Alien Allies act, which meant the discrimination of Japanese-Canadians. Thus, we should take pride in the medicare act for how humanitarian it is, but we should be ashamed for our violent actions on declaring war on Germany.

Below is a picture of Tommy Douglas; the man behind free healthcare

      Secondly, another defining moment of Canada that we should be prideful of is The Constitution act of 1982. After almost 120 years of being a nation, Canada didn’t have its own control of laws and stuff. Finally in 1982, PM Pierre Trudeau decided to bring the constitution to Canada. This is a prideful moment because It was almost a second birth to Canada. It was as if Canada was a phoenix and it was rising from a war-torn era, into a new era after the constitution of 1982. Also, it gave us control to control our own future, which has now turned out to be a future where Canada is a first world nation that is a leading power. Pierre Trudeau was smart bring the constitution to Canada. Canada however hasn’t always been so smart. Canada should be ashamed of the stock market crash leading to the great depression. It is shameful because after WWII, Canada was on foot to becoming a strong nation but then messed up after a few greedy people wanted more money. Margin buying was Canada’s mistake and caused Canada to be week in the economy department. Also, the Canada stock market crash of black Tuesday contributed to the other crashes that influenced the great depression. The great depression saw Hitler rise up with the Nazi Party, and look how that turned out. Thus, the constitution Act made a Canada an Independent nation headed in a smart and powerful path and we should be proud of that. However, its dumb actions with the stock market are shameful as it forced Canada into a period of depression, and a period which lead to the next WW.

Below is a news article about the stock Market crash of 1929

      Finally, Canada should be proud of the defining moment in which Nunavut was created. Before 1999, the natives were in conflict with the Canadian government in examples like the Oka crisis. Even before that, the natives didn’t have their rights seen as of Canada’s creation in 1867 and even before that. Finally, the creation of Nunavut solved the native’s territorial problems and gave them a place to live. This is a prideful defining moment because it showed Canada’s problem solving skills. After almost 130 years and even beyond that, Canada finally managed to solve the problem with the natives, something that Canada couldn’t do before. Now the natives live more peacefully than before. Although, some problems still arise at times like the water problems. Also, this showed Canada’s size as a country with its ability to expand in its own land. Canada really showed its people that the Natives and the rst of Canada can live in somewhat peace. A mentioned before Canada wasn’t always at peace with its people. We should feel ashamed of the defining moment of the October Crisis. Quebec wanted to be a separate nation from Canada, so it decided to create the terrorist group known as the FLQ. The trained group of terrorists had kidnapped government officials and even created some violent outbreaks. The answer to the problem was Trudeau’s war measurement act. This is shameful because the war act turn us against our own people. It’s not right for a country to go against its own people. We should be ashamed for hurting our own people. Thus, the Creation of Nunavut made peace with our natives and that’s a prideful moment we should embrace. However, The October crisis showed that Canada has no problem going against its own people, and that is violation of our rights and shameful.

below is a picture taken of the streets during the October Crisis

      Canada has had its fair share of fame and shame. Canada should feel happy that it has many good acts up its sleeves. Even though it has made mistakes, it is good that Canada has recognized them and apologized. In conclusion, Canada should take pride in the defining moments of the Medicare act, the Constitution act of 1982, and the creation of Nunavut because it showed that Canada is a nation that is friendly, independent and a problem solver. Canada should also be Ashamed of the Stock market crash, the declaration of war and the October Crisis because it showed that while Canada was a good nation, it still was young and needed to learn a bit. I love Canada and my family being immigrants do to. Despite its mistakes, everyone should like Canada and visit it, and if you’re so inclined, learn about its rich history like I did.

this gif represents that Canada is peaceful with its friends, like America.

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