Torri Brumbaugh

The future of our country! She will run our country as if we were all family. Torri will protect us like a big sister. Trust us, NO ONE messes with Torri's family.

The Dems

We May Be Democrats, But Atleast We Are Not Barack Obama

We support gay marriage. Love is not just shared between a man and a women. Marriage is about love Not gender!

Love our Mother Earth!
Without her, We are Doomed!

A women should have a choice to what happens to her body. Why force a women to live with a responsibility she isn't ready for?

Let's test you on everything, every waking moment! Sounds fun right? Stop the useless testing and focus on teaching.

Tax the rich! Trust us, they can afford to lose some money. There is no reason to take money away from someone who doesn't have it.

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