The telephone/1876

created by: Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell created the telephone. This was a very important invention for this time period. This invention improved commuaction through out the country. This form of commuaction replaced writing letters to each other now they just call each other. People across the country could commucate faster than it took before which was weeks.

The lightbulb/1879

Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb. With lightbulbs it was safer for to use them in tight spaces because they did not have a open flame like a candle.The lightbulb was easier to turn on and keep on than a candle was. It light up a whole room when it took like 4 candles to light the room. This also made it easier to work at night or in the mines because instead of carrying around a oil lamp you could turn on a light bulb. This is why the lightbulb was so important.

Type writer 1873

Christopher Sholes invented the typewriter in 1873. The typewriter was invented to help writes and business men  to do their jobs easier and more efficiently. It help encourage women to start working out side the home. If you had bad handwriting you could use a type writer and easily have neat  and organized handwriting.This is how the type writer was important in this time frame.


Thomas Edison invented the phonograph in 1877. This was the first machine that could record and replay sounds and voices. Before if you wanted to hear someone good sing you would have to go in person but now you could just play it on your phonograph. This invention made more people want to be singer. This invention help commucation by being able to record your voice and then play it for someone when you are not there. This is why the phonograph was so important in the late 1800's.

Automatic dishwasher/1886

Josephine Cochrane developed automatic dishwasher in 1886. This was very important because it helped a a lot of people who are busy and do not have time for washing dishes. Now if the Mans wife is not home he can just put them in a dishwasher so he does not have to do it himself. The dishwasher got rid of more bacteria than by washing it by hand.  This was important because many people died of dieases.

Gasoline-powered automobile/1893

Charles and Frank Duryea invent gasoline-powered automobile in 1893.This help transportation a lot in town and in the country. Instead of having to go and buy a train ticket for something 2 hours away you could drive your car there. You did not have to stop at each station like when you are on a train you could keep going to your destination without stopping.

The Kodak/1888

George Eastman patents the first handheld camera the kodak in 1888. Now that there was a portable camera people could take photos easier on the go. If you were a tourist you could take pictures easier. The camera was so simple to work all you had to do was press a button and it was done. But with the other cameras before it was a long process to take a picture.

The Wright Flyer/1903

The Wright brothers invented the Wright Flyer in 1903. This was important because they were the pioneers in their field and when they succesfully created this machine it open the doors to endless possiablity. Such as faster traveling, trading, and militray power. They proved that humans could fly as the birds did and because of them we have southwest airlines and delta airlines. Without the wright brothers traveling would take a lot longer to get to one place.

alternating current/1885

George Westinghouse created the alternating current in 1885. This system of electrcity is a lot safer that Thoams's DC. It was a lot cheaper too and was able to go further in the wires. It was easier because they didnt have to make as many factories to make the energy. Thomas Edsion did his hardest to make Westinghouse's AC seem dagerous so people wouldn't buy it.


Alfred Nobel invented dynamite in 1866. Dynamite helped with making railroads and mining. It helped the railroad companies to blow holes in mounatins to go though instead of going around. It helped miners get closer to the resources they were digging for by blowing the mountain up.

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