Lesson Plan: City Web Map Tackk

Lesson Plan #2: City Web Map Tackk by @hescribner
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GOAL: This lesson will help students to produce creative web pages on Tackk.com using information from their City Web Map Inspiration 8/9 project. This lesson includes adding Titles, Headings, Text, Images, and Keywords. Make sure the students create accounts on Tackk.com so the pages do not get deleted.

PREREQUISITES: Students should have created GMAIL/EMAIL accounts prior to creating Tackk.com accounts. Students should have E-Portfolios (Websites) created online prior to creating Tackk.com pages. Students should have a working knowledge of different file types (JPEG, PDF, GIF, PNG, Text Files). Students should know how to CUT/PASTE text. Students should know how to create hyperlinks on websites and within email or other documents. Students should be familiar with Inspiration 8/9 or other similiar Graphic Aide Production Software packages. Students should be familiar with the Tackk.com console and how to create basic Tackk.com pages. Students should understand classroom, school and school district rules and regulations about online safety and security, and be aware of rules governing online content and appropriate use of equipment as outline by school policy.


NETS 2007; PA State Standards CORE: Reading/Writing; PA 3.7.7&11 Sect.C


1. Students will successfully login and create a new web page on Tackk.com
2. Students will add Images, Text, Headlines, Keywords, and Active Hyperlinks
to Tackk.com Web Page
3. Students will create City Web Maps using Inspiration 8/9 or similar Graphic Aide Creation Software. Final projects should be emailed to Instructor in PDF format for class, then Exported as JPEG or other Photo Format for use with Tackk.com
4. Students will finalize the design and layouts of the Web Page and will email the
Tackk.com web link to the instructor for credit. The instructor should also be able
to pull up the website on a Keyword Search on Tackk.com.

SETUP/MATERIALS: Make sure that you have individual workstations with internet access, or work in teams for younger students.

Have students visit City Web Map and CWM Capstone Project to create the basic Graphic Aide's for this project. Students should use Tackk.com to create a Travelogue-Like page for the city they are responsible for.


Open a new Tab on your Web Browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.)

Proceed to Tackk.com and Login to your account

Hit the CREATE Button to start a new Tackk.com Web Page Design

Create a Heading with a Title, Project Name, Class Name, and your email address

Design Your Page using Google Images or Upload your own images from your community to use on your webpage. Make sure to add Headings, Titles, and at least two to three paragraphs about your city. Students can use information directly from other travel sites if the work is correctly referenced and they include a link.

Add your KEYWORDS to the bottom of the Web Page so your page can be found by people interested in this project. Make sure you use at least two keywords (one for your class project, and one for your school), so people can define their search when looking for your awesome work! Finalize your design and once complete, use the FINISH Button to complete your project. Now email your Tackk.com address to your instructor for credit.


1. Site Created in Tackk.com
2. Site includes: Images, Headings, Text, Active Links, Keywords
3. Layout is clean and neatly arranged
4. Grammar, Spelling, and Sentence Structure is correct
5. Site Link Emailed To Instructor
6. Site Can Be Found With Keyword Search
7. Overall Creativity
8. Safety, Security, and Appropriate Use Policy Observed


Have the students present the web pages to the class as if they are travel guides about to embark on a trip around town with the rest of the students. They could even dress the part with authentic clothes from the city. Better yet, they could bring in a special food item that they might find there. Have fun with it!

Have a parent, friend, relative, or someone you know create a similiar site. Teach them to create a Tackk.com account and how to use it. (EXTRA CREDIT) Create an additional Keyword to search for these additional Web Pages!

NOTE: Search Tackkboard for #citywebmap2013 for examples of pages already posted!

Lesson Submitted by hscribnercaa@gmail.com