Why Anti-Vandal Switches Are So Popular?

You will find an anti-vandal switch in numerous places including vending machines, ATMs, information kiosks, or any other devices frequently used by the public. With so much use, the normal switches will sustain damage and stop functioning but this does not happen with these high quality switches made with durable material. The reason why such switches have a long life in spite of incessant public use lies in the durability of its make. They have been designed specifically for repeated pushing and function smoothly in spite of rough usage.

Wear and tear related to the switches is quite low and they withstand the vagaries of the weather and seasonal changes with aplomb. A fantastic investment these are the commonplace components of most public use devices available at museums, railway station, parks, airport, bus stations, and hospitals besides numerous other places. The strength of these switches comes from steel mountings or effective iron bindings that keep it protected from damage for a long time. Different types of such switches are available and these range from:

Illuminated switches

Sealed switches

Key buzzers and more

The popularity of these switches stems from their durability, strength, lengthy life expectancy, and ease of use. You will come across them frequently at ticket dispensers at public places or various types of kiosks with DIY functions targeted towards common users. Just like the high quality capacitive switch, these boasts of a robust make and worry free applications.

Other names for this kind of switches are tamperproof or vandal resistant switches. These have electrical operations designed for installation in various locations where there is chance of tampering or vandalism as well besides frequent use by the public. One good example of this is vending machines where spurious elements may try to manipulate the switches to work the dispenser without making the payments first.

Users can do away with such unauthorized or fraudulent usages as well as tampering frequently seen in switches related to pedestrian crossing. Great for outdoor usage these will remain safe from lashing rainfall, falling snow and withstand dust storms with confidence. Pushbutton varieties of such switches are made with high-grade stainless steel among other varieties of durable metal mounted into housing boxes or panels. These panels and boxes are made with stainless steel, polycarbonate plastic, or aluminum.

The housing may sometimes be approximately ¼” thick for protecting both the housing as well as the switch from attempts of vandalism. No amount of blunt force will be able to get through this mechanism easily and allow fraudulent elements to have their way. Security screws are often used in combination with these switches and you will not be able to open them using your common screwdrivers. Height of panel buttons is minimized to make trying difficult. This is done with the use of flush mounting technique. You will find them commonly in ATM machines.

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