Mr.Pitt Summer Adventure
Ancient Rome

By:Jacob Sorrell

This is the Coliseum!!!!

My Top 3 Electives

I have been LEARNING about Chromebook's and lot's of MATH.I have fun doing all of the Ancient Rome pocket's.The 5th Grader's help us a lot. Nothing has been hard For me.My class is really FUN and AWESOME everybody like's it.

My Class !!!!!!!

I like Challenge Your'e Brain with Mr.Pitt #1 we do really CHALLENGING thing's  .I Like Fitness FUN with Mrs. Slaton we run a lot and play game's #2.Super Summer Science with Mrs.Shaff #3 we make a lot of  paper's and like planet's.I like my ELECTIVES.

Ancient Rome

We love Ancient Rome at School.we made a lot of pocket's and we have to do lot's of paper's and craft's.We did Daily Life,Government,Education,The Roman Army.Daily Life we made a Bola. Government we made The 12 Tables.Education we made the #2015 in Roman letters.The Roman Army we made a Shield.We have lot's of pockets and paper's to do.Daily Life boy's were expected to act like men when they reached the age of 14 by age 14 most girls were married.Apartment buildings up to  five stories high.The top floors were for the poorest people.Most Romans ate simple meals.Breakfast was usually bread and cheese.Wealthy Romans dined in a room called a Triclinium witch means ''three-couch place.Rich Woman dyed their hair golden-red.Government During the period of the Republic ,there were 300 senators.During the Roman Empire,the number of senators increased to 600.The principle that ''a person is innocent until proven guilty originated in the governmental rules of ancient Rome.Education The School day began before sunrise. We do know how long the School year lasted, but it always began on March 24th.Roman students who behaved badly in School or made mistakes were often beaten.Of the approximately 106 speeches he gave , 58 of them have survived and can be read today.The Roman Army Rome fought in three wars with the North Africa city-state of control of the Western Mediterranean region.Rome was victorious in all three Punic Wars but success did not come easily.He gathered an army of 20,000 soldiers, 6,000 horses, and 37 elephants. Taking a long land route, Hannibal's army marched across the Pyrenees Mountains in Spain and through southern Gaul.After the war , Carthage was forced to pay Rome large sums of money and give up Spain. Studying Ancient Rome is really fun I love it so so much!!!We love Ancient Rome a lot. We have to do a little more pockets to do and we can take it home and I really want to take it home and show my parents.We made a new pocket called Religion and Mythology we like the pocket making it.

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