Cinder Book Project

By: Sean M. Shelton

Cinder is a part cyborg mechanic that works at her own booth earning money for her stepmother and 2 stepsister(kind of like Cinderella).

Cinder's sister gets the Blue fever/ Letumosis and she goes to the quarantine area. Cinder gets checked out and there is something amazing about her.

Nainsi the android

Cinder also gets an android to fix from prince Kai at the market and he he gives her an android to fix and finds something unusual about it.

Queen Levana

Queen Levana then comes to earth trying to forge a marriage alliance with Kai.

Levana is a lunar, a lunar was a human turned strange by the moon and Levana is the queen ruling over them on the moon.

This is the car she is planning to use.

Kai asks Cinder to the dance many times and she rejects him every time because she doesn't want to go because she is planning to escape to Europe with a rusty old car she found in the junkyard when she was there.

Then she receives a message from an unknown source and then goes to the ball. Cinder then warns Kai about Levana then runs out followed by Levana's gaurds and loses her cyborg foot instead of a shoe like in Cinderella.

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