Catcher In the Rye
Cole Baldwinson

Chapter 5 and 6

Ackley's breath smelled acrid because he never brushed his teeth.

Holden is indulgent to Stradlater when he obeys his request to write his paper.

Ackley has a inveterate ability to be disgusting.

Holden ruminted about Jane.

Holden probably felt compunction for punching Stradlater.


Do you think Holden feels remorse about leaving Pency, even though he hates it so much?

Why does Holden tell such extravagant lies about Ernest?

Why is Holden so insistent on finding out where the ducks go during winter?

What do Holden's lies and behavior around the older women in the lavender room reveal about him?

Holden is focusing a lot on other people, what does this show he is desiring?

Is Holden a reliable narrator?

Why does Holden refuse to have sex with the prostitute he asked for himself?

John Green Video

Language: Holden talks passively to try to distance himself from the past.

Voice: Holen wants to be listened to, that's why he starts a lot of his sentences with "listen".


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