Lunch Counter Sit-Ins

The Greensboro 4 were the people that started the sit ins. They went into Woolsworth counter, where they were not allowed, sat and ordered there food, where they weren't served. It wasn't against the law, but they got punished anyhow.

Franklin McCain, Joseph McNeil, David Richmond, and Ezell Blair Jr. ~ The Greensboro 4

"I was really feeling stifled that fall. My goodness, I came to college to grow and expand, and here I am shut in. In Chicago, I had had across, at least, to public accommodations, lunch counters and what have you" Paul LaPrad.

I think Paul really means that he originally just went to college to learn and expand his learning abilities, but he ended up doing so much more. After kids in his college started doing sit ins, he came in too, and he ended up with a stand.

{How did this affect the white?}

The restaurants the white usually ate at were being closed earlier due to the sit ins taken place there. Also, the public arrests were also scaring the children of families that did not believe in segregation.

{Why did they do this?}

To take a stand against segregation, and make sure everything is equal between race color.

{How many people got punished and what was their punishment?}

Over 3,000 people were punished, and they had a choice for their punishment. Prison, or 30 days of hard labor. Most chose the labor, and continued with the sit ins when their labor was done.

{How did this event impact the overall civil rights movement?}

This was a nonviolent transaction to stop segregation, and battle racial discrimination. It started out as a no-harm deal, but lots of harm came to. I believe it impacted the movement because it shows that you can do a lot to stop segregation, including just sitting and waiting.

FACT- Over 3,000 blacks were either arrested or punished during this time. EVIDENCE- There are police records, and the living to tell what they had been through and how many people were there.

OPINION-The white's pubic opinion on black people sitting at the counters and the fact that they called the cops for sitting down, causing no harm. EVIDENCE- They are the reason this is a big deal. If the white's didn't care that they sat there, no harm would have happened. They are the reason they couldn't sit there in the first place.

ONE WORD TO DESCRIBE THE EVENT- Harmless. They did absolutely NO harm to the community or the other customers in the store. They literally sat down and waited to be served their ordered food. It was not breaking the law, but white's still thought it shouldn't be allowed.

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I really liked how you made sure to keep through the whole tackk that they weren't breaking the law but were punished for it.

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