Internet Safety

BY: Samantha K and Victoria M

Safe Surfing Tips

The Risks an Scams

Be careful before clicking on ad’s they might be fake.If you you click on the ad think about the risks you are taking.If you click on an ad and it asks you for personal information like credit card numbers,name, address,age not put any of your information in.Scams can also happen on the phone for example they tell you that you won a cruise and you give them your credit card numbers they have access to your bank account and they can steal your money.

Protecting Yourself

On the Internet,Facebook,Twitter,Instagram, etc they ask you for personal information whether it’s to win a vacation or because the sites ask you for a bio and your location . Don’t put your personal information. You want to keep your identity safe. By putting those personnel thing’s people could go on your bio or location find out your phone number,address,credit card number and come to your house rob you etc, you don’t know who is looking on your bio, location etc but you can stop it by writing just a simple quote or nothing.  

Social network tips for teens

When you're on the internet and social media networks do not post or write anything inappropriate about your self or exposing picture. Writing something mean about someone, like an insult. In result to that, Thats cyberbullying.You don't want to be the person you pushes the person over the edge. You might want Think twice before you click post. Do you really want to post that? you might want to think about that.

Different ways to stay safe!  

The internet is full of people nice, mean , young and old. you might be reading this and saying I won’t do that, but you never know. one day you could be watching a movie and an ad pops up and you say Hey i wanna do that. And you put your email address, phone number age etc. what will happen? you think to yourself after you send that was that the right decision?. Don’t put anything on the internet unless your parents say its okay.Remember anything you put on the internet is no longer private and you no longer have the right to take it back.

Video on How to stay safe!

Fun Fact!

The internet was invented in the late 1960's. And the people that thought of the idea are Paul Otlet and Vannevar Bush.

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