Koolteecha Technology

Monday, August 25, 2014 - A Day

1. DCI - CNN Student News
    ** Click here to watch the video **
     ** Click here to complete and submit your assignment **

2. Typing Web - Login Video (if you haven't already seen it, or to refresh your memory)
    ** Login and begin Lesson 1 - The Home Row Keys - Work for at least 15 minutes
    ** If your login isn't working today, you can still begin Lesson 1 without logging in. **           We'll figure it out before our next class. :)

3. How to Use the Snipping Tool
    ** Click here to watch the video **
    ** Click here to access a digital copy of the handout you received in class today **

Practice a little bit on your own in class today....login to Edmodo this evening for        an extra credit opportunity!

4. GCFLearnFree - Computer Basics - Lesson One

    ** Watch the video**  (or you can click on it from the webpage above)

    ** Read through the lesson carefully, and fill in your Interactive Notes as you go.  This
    isn't homework...we'll continue working on Tuesday.

You'll need to REFRESH your Tackk to see this link:

NEW LINK!  Finished with your Lesson One Interactive Notes?  Did you fill in ALL of the blanks?

 Practice what you know at QUIZLET!